Great last-minute Valentine’s gifts that won’t bust your budget

Psst: It’s Valentine’s Day. If you are a procrastinator, like so many people, you may not have picked up a Valentine’s gift for that special person.

But there’s no need to worry because it is never too late to buy something that shows your love. You can start with chocolate, always a favorite, at a local candy store like Schneider’s Sweet Shop. Owner Kelly Schneider has been helping last-minute shoppers with handmade Valentine’s candies they’ve been making at her store for three generations.

She says good chocolates are a perfect day-of gift and a classic. She says you can buy anything from a small heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates for $11 to a large one for $85.

“We have half-pound, one pound, pound and a half, and down here, we have our big hearts,” she said.

But maybe your loved one doesn’t love chocolate.

Flowers, food and more

Shay Simmons, who writes for Simplemost Media and Don’t Waste Your Money, says there are plenty of ways to show your appreciation at the last minute, starting with flowers.

“Maybe grab some roses on your way home from work,” she said, from a florist (for an elegant arrangement) or supermarket (if you are on a budget).

“Or you can say, you know what, I’m going to cook you a meal tonight,” she said. “And they don’t need to know that you purchased it on your way home from work.”

The National Retail Federation found the top gifts this year include candy, cards and flowers, all things you can pick up last-minute, if you’re patient.

“If you did forget to buy those roses, if you did forget to buy those chocolates or that card, you’re probably going to encounter a line after work,” she cautioned.

If you don’t have time to shop, Simmons suggests showing your love another way.

“It doesn’t have to be material,” she said.”So write someone a love note, do a chore.”

As long as you do something, waiting until the last-minute may not be a big deal.

“It’s always the thought that counts no matter what you do,” she said.