Black single mothers are struggling to find financial stability

New data shows Black single mothers are facing dire economic challenges, making even basic expenses too hard to cover.

According to a nationwide survey by The Current Project, 66% of Black single moms surveyed say they can’t or can only barely cover basic expenses. 

And 77% of those moms surveyed say they consider themselves “Middler Moms.” A “Middler Mom” is a mom who makes too much money to qualify for public assistance but not enough to make ends meet. 

The Current Project

Alisha Gordon, founder and Executive Director of The Current Project, a non-profit focused on helping bridge the economic gap that Black single moms are facing, said these “Middler Moms” are most often college educated but also generally have student loan debt or medical debt on top of regular expenses that make it tough to get by. 

The Current Project

Gordon’s non-profit is aiming to help close the gap for these moms by being an interrupter, as she likes to call it. The Current Project creates support for moms, offers training and resources, and fosters community. Her goal is to get “Middler Moms” into a comfortable place financially. 

Another part of Gordon’s work is advocacy. The Current Project’s latest research found that 86% of Black single mothers say they are more likely to support political candidates who support school choice. Gordon said school choice is a way for Black moms to exercise their agency and help position their children for the best possible future. 

The Current Project